CA Assemblymember Homecoming

Assemblymember Roger Hernandez visits Shirpser School

California State Assemblymember Roger Hernandez was greeted with a friendly homecoming by his elementary alma mater - Shirpser School. After being introduced by El Monte City School District Superintendent Dr. Maribel Garcia, Hernandez spoke to the students about his personal history with Shirpser. He told the well-behaved crowd that he last attended Shirpser as a third grader thirty years ago. (Back then Shirpser was a K-3 school.) He touted the importance of college and how his college years were some of the best of his life. Hernandez told the students, "College makes your brain stronger." He went on to say, "College helps you see the world in a better way." Principal Lorraine Torres presented Hernandez with a green Shirpser t-shirt that appropriately read, in large white letters, "Shirpser – A Path to College".

Three students were selected to address the crowd and welcome the assemblymember. Before she spoke, third grader, Natalie Frias said, "I was looking forward to this day coming." She went on to say, "I wrote this speech myself and I am nervous and excited about it."

Fourth grader Oscar Martinez also addressed the crowd while his parents sat eagerly at the back of the auditorium. Oscar's father, Mr. Martinez said, "I am excited and proud of Oscar. This (speech) is a good opportunity for him."

Christopher Paredones, a fifth grader, said he was chosen to speak by his teacher, Mrs. Ramirez, because he "has a loud, clear voice."
After fielding some questions from the enthusiastic audience of third, fourth and fifth graders, Assemblymember Hernandez visited some classrooms to speak to some lower grade classes and read a story to them.

Hernandez is sponsoring a mural contest for Shirpser students. The theme of the mural will be "Community Pride". A winner will be chosen and Hernandez will commission an artist to paint it on a prominent school wall.

No doubt that the visit from Assemblyman Hernandez will serve as inspiration for Shirpser students for many years to come.





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