About Shirpser

History of Shirpser School

Shirpser School opened in the early 1950s.  Originally, our school served many of the agricultural families who located in the El Monte area to work on the various farms in the community. The school began as a small set of structures that served the community between Arden Drive and Baldwin Avenue and from below Valley Blvd to close to Lower Azusa Rd. 

In 2006, Shirpser School underwent modification and a new two-story building was constructed, to serve a growing population.  In addition to new classrooms, a new library was built, and two computer labs were created.  A new school office was also constructed.  Our school now serves a more suburban population of families who live in homes and / or apartments that are close to our school.

 Shirpser School has a rich history of community involvement.  The creation of Mariposa Park, close to our school is a result of the community efforts that began at Shirpser School, with the promise made by our parent group to work together to help create a park for the community surrounding our school.  

As technology expands in our world, Shirpser School likewise continues to grow in the area of technology to meet the learning needs of our students and prepare them for a 21st century workplace.  Shirpser students have access to three computer labs, as well as three mobile labs and 1 mobile lab of I Pads.  And, smart TVs are installed in all instructional classrooms.

Shirpser will continue to grow, with District support, to meet the needs of all our learners and to support our parent community.



Event Calendar

Monday September 25 - All Day
5th/6th Sept synergizing activity
Monday September 25 - All Day
5th/6th synergizing reward activity
Monday September 25, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
SSC - library
Monday September 25, 2:40 PM - 3:30 PM
School Site Council Meeting
Tuesday September 26 - All Day
3rd / 4th synergizing reward activity
Tuesday September 26 - All Day
3rd/4th synergizing activity