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 Shirpser students and staff members are busy learning and practicing the 7 Effective Habits.  These habits form the foundation for our Leader In Me journey.  Our school is committed to supporting our students in learning and practicing habits of responsibility, patience, planning and healthy living, so that our students become leaders, as well as successful scholars.  Our Staff has completed formal training, so that we successfully integrate these habits into daily instruction.  Our scholars have many opportunities to show their leadership skills.  At Shirpser, we have student Welcome Ambassador Leaders, Student Tutor Leaders, Lunch Leaders as well as Student Government Leaders.  Our students are enjoying their roles in making our school a welcoming, safe place for learning,  and our Staff continues to work together to plan and teach rigorous common core aligned lessons.
Our parents provide ongoing, positive and essential support to our mission of building leaders and learners.  Our Avenger Parents recently hosted a Community Clean Up event, which was very successful.  Our Avenger Parent group coordinated volunteers, who spent a morning cleaning around our community. They interacted positively with businesses close to our school - some of whom joined our Avenger Parents in cleaning areas along our school perimeter.  Our Avenger Parents are also supporting our jog a thon advertising efforts by creating our banners.  In addition, we have other parent volunteers who support our student activities by offering opportunities for our children to send grams to each other and their families.   Parent volunteers will also be active participants in our jog a thon event, our upcoming family evening activities and our March school Read In Celebration.  Our parents continue to be wonderful partners in supporting the education of our students!
Our students are actively engaged in learning, as well as many positive social activities.  Our recognition assemblies celebrate our scholars who demonstrate the 7 Habits for student leaders; our assemblies entertain and educate our students about the importance of their education and  healthy living choices. Our scholars also participate in different community events.
 We are very proud  that we are a Scholar Savings School!  Through the El Monte Promise, our families can  open college savings accounts for their children, our scholars.  This is a powerful message from our parents to our scholars - that their parents are saving now for college!  The benefits of saving now for college in the future are great.  There is no minimum required to open a savings account. Please contact our Community Liaison, Mrs. Rosa Gutierrez, at 626.5752393, ext 2408 for more information and to schedule an appointment to open a Scholar Savings Account.  We look forward to helping our parents prepare for college now!
 There are many good things happening at our school!
Mrs. Torres, Principal

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